Prepare your home for sale

Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.Set an appointment with an Irvin Realty agent, all our professional realtors are trained to prepare a plan for marketing your home. Our Agents will also prepare a market analysis for you that will provide information regarding recent neighborhood home sales and selling prices. Consider suggestions from your Agent on preparing your home for sale.

A cared-for lawn and exterior landscaping can make an initial impression of your home. Remove any clutter from rooms, closets and the basement. Also, you would want to remove any bulky or excess furniture to improve the overall spaciousness to prospective buyers. Keep the interior well-lit and bright. This can make rooms appear larger. Fresh flowers and scented candles can add to the atmosphere of your home. You can ask your Agent to help with suggestions for staging your home or if you prefer, call a staging professional for help.

Not all repairs to your home will increase the resale value. You do, however, want to make any necessary repairs for maintenance purposes. You can compare your homes’ value vs. recent neighborhood sale values to decide what improvements you could do to your home to increase its market value.